Saturday, 12 June 2010

England vs USA

Seeing as England are playing their opening game of the 2010 World Cup against the USA later today, i thought that i would share some image that i shot in New York. Three are shot with a Fisheye in Time Square and the other two are shot with a 1950's Halina on Fuji Reala 100. I love the contrast between modern digital images and old school film cameras. Two different looks and two very different methods of capturing images. 

Shooting with old cameras, i generally carry a light meter with me and the whole process of taking a shot is more considered and slow. Each shot is seen with my eye then captured on film forever. The digital age has brought huge benefits to photography but it has also led to the 'shoot everything and hope one is ok' attitude. I don't like this. Good discipline is essential to great images.

So... My prediction for the game tonight is 3 : 1 to England.

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