Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Christ Redeemer Rio

Its late. Today has been a long day with a great start in the sea, followed by a big breakfast, followed by image editing, followed by a lunch appointment with a new contact. That was just the morning. After lunch we rushed back to the hotel to grab our cameras and headed off on the 1 hr drive across town to the HUGE statue Christ Redeemer which stands watch over the city.

What an amazing city Rio is. All i have heard in the past is how dangerous it is here, and i have not felt in danger at any point yet and i always question whether that is naivety on my behalf or the fact that its never as bad as people tell you. Anyway, i will continue to be careful and enjoy my time here.

Take a look at some shots from today. I have a really funny story to tell you all but i'm so tired i have to go to bed.

Sneaky little cover up

These Palms were about 120 ft tall. Amazing. In a park in downtown Rio.

Rio has great Graffiti all over the city.

Me, and Jesus.

The Redeemer and the people.

Im not sure but i think this is the main center of Rio. It is Huge. The city wraps  300˚ around the base of the Redeemer statue.

Me with Cococabanana in the background! (I know i said Cococabanana)

The Beautiful city at dusk.

I like this one. Jesus lit up with the people  as shadow figures.

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