Sunday, 19 September 2010

Morning after the first night meeting.

So i woke up at 7am after a good 6 hours sleep with a solid caffeine headache. I wanted to sleep but i could hear the pounding surf. A quick look from the balcony confirmed my thoughts. IT IS ON. Grabbed my board and ran through the lobby of the hotel over the road and onto the white sand. There was one other guy getting ready to get in the water. I gave him a friendly salute and he seemed focussed but gave me a slight smile. OK, so good waves and one other guy out. Stoked. The shots below are from the balcony after i got back from the water. I lasted an hour and a half with no wetsuit.

Just about to load some shots up from last nights meeting. Pop back in a few hours.

Looks fun Huh?

This is not me. Just to let you know!!

This either!

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