Thursday, 4 November 2010

Catch up on the last 2 days.

Jacques and I went to a national radio station to promote the events. I just took photos. He did the talking.

The guy on the left with his back to us is one of the Pastors on the committee that has been put together to organize the conference and outreach meetings.

Greg talking with Kalil from Rugged House, a Sound Staging and lighting company that we worked with in Sierra Leone. They are really good guys. That is the stage going up in the background.

Bryan Smerdon. With all of his new friends. Bryan is here to oversee the lighting for the event. Such a great guy.

This is the location for the conference which is in the mornings.

Registration. People have been charged a minimal fee for the conference, this was the pastors idea, they want to break the poverty mindset that binds and controls so many third world countries. Unfortunately they do expect everything for free. Actually sounds quite like a lot of 'Western' christians too.

I want to print this huge for my house. so i can put pins everywhere i have been :)

This is one of the pastors. He has four children and struggles to pay the $250 a year per child for school.

These guys were having so much fun. i could not help but smile.

Ben arriving to at the conference. heading in to greet the people.

The party getting started in New Cru Town, Monrovia.

Evening light looking west over the Atlantic.

A lone man stands thoughtfully on the beach as the days light fades away.

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