Monday, 1 April 2013

Where Briers Grew

Well... at last i am able to share with you all Where Briers Grew. Last year i was asked to produce a promotional video for my dad's church. I requested artistic license to produce something unique, something more engaging. 

My mission was to craft a short film which uncovers the core of the church, the heart that drives the leaders to give everything and hold nothing back. Please enjoy. Share and spread the word on the amazing work that Myrtle House is doing in Llanelli, South Wales. 

Where Briers Grew from James Chapman on Vimeo.
Where briers grew is a short film about the leaders of Myrtle House, Llanelli Elim Pentecostal Church. Seeking to uncover what drives Bill and Ellen to pursue community transformation in the small South Wales town, we dig deep and discover how much it costs to be a dealer in hope.

Produced by - The Paisley
Directed by - James Chapman
Edited by - James Chapman
Camera - James Chapman, Josh Leonard

Edit - Final Cut Pro, After Effects.
Cameras - Nikon D7000, Canon 550D (as Second Interview camera)


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  2. Great video with an even greater message. Awesome, James!