Friday, 24 September 2010

The last few days travel.

All these shots are from my phone. So i apologize for the quality. I have so much to tell you all about so i will try not to forget. It is midnight and we have just got in from a last minute football match. Silus, one of Ben's translators and pastors that has arranged a lot of this trip took us to see 2 big teams play here in Rio. It was really fun.

Take a look at the images from the last few days travel and i will add the official work images in between.

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The Pilots 

I love the graffiti here in Brazil. This is in the city of Vitoria

Riding through town.
Taking a look at a skate bowl we passed. It was pretty sick.

They drive so fast here, i love it. Thats why its blurry!!!
Amazing paintings in the fish restaurant.

Boarding the plain in Vitoria heading back to Rio this morning. WOW, today has been a long day! This feels like days ago.

Vitoria airport

Flying over the city of Vitoria. My version of Google Earth.

Same Again.

Click to make this one bigger. The Favela that is visible at the end of the road is the largest one in  South America. 

Great landscape!

Me Goofing around.

The Football game tonight. Fleurenesse vs Uhhhh.....Cant remember. 

We were cheering for Fleurenesse.

We won 5-1. Stoked to see loads of goals.

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