Saturday, 25 September 2010

Photographs from Vitoria

I don't know why it happens but, here i am again late at night after another busy day. Ollie and I were out shooting around the city today with our new friend David. The shots will follow tomorrow.

Below are some highlights from the meeting in Vitoria on Wednesday evening. These are the shots taken after my crazy Aspirin / Healing / Extravaganza!! I am so stoked that i got to stay and shoot and not go to hospital. God is Good.

Before i get to the shots i want you all to go and check out Come&Live and think about supporting the cause. Also, go and download Ascend the Hils's new album 'Hymns'. It is super good. It is also free. 


The Real Rio. Out in the suburbs.

Silus showing Ben and Jacques around the Television Channels offices. They employ over 300 people.

Finishing off the tour.

The church in Vitoria has lots of young people with specific focus on university and college age.

Ben Getting started with his message.

Ben and the translator encouraging the people to take a step into their destiny that God has planned for them.

As you can see, not everyone was a youngster. Thee was a healthy mix of ages in the church. 

Ben called this guy out to encourage him. He had a very clear message for this guy. God is all about the individual.

People clearly getting blessed.

Ben is so passionate about what he does. Here he is getting the people to worship the king of kings.

Our prayer is that people take a stand for God and step into the fullness of life that he has for  them.

Time for me to sleep now. In the morning we head to the airport to fly over to Bella Horizonte. We are ministering to over 3000 young people. Its gonna be a good one. Straight back to Rio on Saturday. Hopefully i will get some more shots up tomorrow. 

God Bless.

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