Monday, 1 November 2010

Touchdown Liberia.

Coming in to land looking out the window I quickly remember that the rainy season is just finishing as I see miles upon miles of lush green forest and what looks like farm land. I didn't expect it to look so green. 

As I stepped out of the plane it was slightly raining but really warm. The humidity was quite high but the biggest thing that struck me was the feel. I don't really know how to explain it. This place has a smell of Africa. Its a different smell, but nice. It feels so different to what I am used to. First impressions are good. 

This is Bills first trip to Africa, He looked concerned.

Waiting for bags. My bag was the last bag off the plane. I did get a little worried.

Customs and immigration was smooth sailing, with another country stamp in my passport. I was expecting to go into baggage claim and be mobbed by a thousand porters all wanting your tips! Like Freetown, Sierra Leone. It was actually way different, very orderly, and a gentle looking fella approached me saying "I'm looking for Cerullo", I said "that's me and them". Watson was his name. He works at the airport and is part of the church team organising the event.
Bill again. Leaving the airport.
How many guys does it take to load a van? Depends how much you are paying!

Roberts International Airport.

Walking out of the airport it feels amazing. Humid and warm. it smells like wet dust! thats it, wet dust! Friendly faces and the sweet Liberian handshake are the first thing you face. I will post a video of the shake. The ride from the airport to the hotel is around 1hr. There was a bit of traffic but not too bad. The sun was setting while we were driving over and it looked amazing. Travelling with Americans is funny, I had to wind the window down to warm up cuz they had the Air Condition on so much. Crazy huh?

So it was dark when we arrived at the hotel but I can hear the ocean. Sweet. Can't wait for the morning. I am hopefully going to try and meet up with Keith, a friend I met online who is an American dentist that works here and does amazing things. He loves the lord too. Check out to see his work. 

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