Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Got a new Film short...

'Oaks' is being released on Friday 21st June @ 9pm. Looking forward to sharing it with you. Oaks has been produced for Dignity, a charity that works in Zambia. 

This is my first full project using the Adobe Creative Suite, which has been fun but challenging as i have been so used to Final Cut Pro. The workflow is faster and i'm looking forward to sharing more projects in the future.

Dignity is a visionary Christian organisation.
Our goal is to change the culture of rural Africa, both by spreading the good news of Jesus and by alleviating poverty. We work as a catalyst to help lift people out of crushing poverty without creating any sense of dependency.
We build long-term and meaningful relationships in isolated villages supporting leaders, groups and individuals.
We encourage people – through God – to transform their lives and those of their neighbours.

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